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Solicitors PI

Solicitors Office Insurance

Take advantage of our solicitors' office insurance and protect your legal practice form the worst the world can throw at it.

We are proud to offer comprehensive insurance products for solicitors, and our office insurance product is a key part of this. Start-ups can easily overlook this type of cover, inadvertently putting their company at significant risk, while well-established businesses can fail to review their policies for years and can spend far more money than they need to.

We have close relationships with leading insurers and an in-house team of underwriters, so we can secure the cheapest office insurance for your law firm while ensuring you receive the high level of protection you need.

Why do I need solicitor's office insurance?

Your office is one of your most valuable assets - staff can be replaced, reputations can be built back up, but the loss of office space can be impossible to overcome. Fire, flooding and other kinds of property damage, or theft, vandalism and arson, can significantly damage your company's ability to run, and can even see you closing up shop.

Our office insurance products help you protect your business without breaking the bank! With us, you can protect:

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • IT equipment
  • Money held on-site
  • Documents

Office insurance will also help you cope with the consequences of a loss of office space, paying out in the event of:

  • Business interruption
  • Loss of rent
  • Public liability claims

With an exceptional standard of cover, and the ability to offer some of the most competitive solicitors' office insurance quotes on the market, you know you're in safe hands with us! We'll tailor your cover to meet your exact requirements, and if you ever need to speak with us, we have a specialist team at hand that can help you make claims and get back on your feet.

To discuss your insurance options, or to obtain a quote, call us now on 01274 965791 or email us